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Our thoughts and wishes go out to affected patients and healthcare workers at this difficult time.

New: COVID-19 Implications for Pediatric Oncology Nurses - May 14

Join this week’s COVID Conversation: “COVID-19 Implications for Pediatric Oncology Nurses” this Thurs May 14, 8 am CT, hosted by Global COVID-19 Observatory & Resource Center. Nurses from St Jude and SIOP will discuss the issues facing pediatric oncology nurses and patients during this pandemic.

Visit the Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center for Childhood Cancer to join. See SIOP PODC Nursing meetings for more information.

Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center

SIOP and St. Jude have joined forces to create a global resource center where we can all access the most updated information about COVID-19 and have a community space for engagement to support our programs and collectively create the new knowledge that we will need to build better practices during this trying time. Click here to download a PDF

SIOP COVID-19 Resources & Guidance

This SIOP page provide access to resources and experiences of our colleagues around the world including the option to share your own via a special form

Published paper on COVID-19

"Early advice on managing children with cancer during the COVID‐19 pandemic and a call for sharing experiences" available on Wiley Paediatric Blood & Cancer


Welcome to POINTE:

Paediatric Oncology International Network for Training and Education  

Promoting global childhood cancer education

POINTE connects healthcare workers from resource-limited setting with resources to enhance the care of paediatric cancer patients world.

POINTE provides a variety of resources related to educating and training the medical professional:

  • A database of education and training opportunities from many different countries
  • A list of international cancer experts available for consultation
  • A variety of educational documents for patients and providers
  • A map of twinning programs around the world
  • Information about the joint project between SIOP and POINTE to map pediatric oncology resources around the world

Our offerings are updated regularly, so check back often for more resources!

POINTE is a project from the International Society of Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Oncology in Developing Countries: Education and Training Working Group

Click here to take the SIOP global mapping survey

We would like to invite you to join an exciting initiative, the SIOP Global Mapping of Paediatric Oncology Services.

The main objective of this effort is to collect information via a survey on the current landscape of paediatric oncology services around the world, and the resources available in each individual country.

The survey includes questions regarding your practice and environment and should take less than 10 minutes of your time.

The global mapping project would not be possible without the generous assistance from My Child Matters -  Sanofi Espoir Foundation


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Learn more about POINTE

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What’s New?

Making Global Connections newsletter (from the SIOP Nurses Group

In our first Global Connection Newsletter of the decade, we would like to highlight several key milestones over the last decade, and the contributions of the SIOP PODC Nursing Group. You have to read this newsletter, it is amazing, inspiring, brilliant, and much more. Download the newsletter from the Nurses page on the Cancerpointe site – https://cancerpointe.com/nursing/

Twinning Guidelines document available

The SIOP PODC Twinning, Collaboration and Support Working Group are pleased to launch the Twinning Guidelines document, and Twinning Partnership Needs Assessment Tool. Click here to download.

My Child Matters Nursing awards, Aphon scholarship and lots more for nurses

See the https://cancerpointe.com/nursing/ for information about the My Child Matters nursing award, SIOP 2020 and Aphon International Nurse Scholarship.

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