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Welcome to POINTE:


Paediatric Oncology International Network for Training and Education  

POINTE connects healthcare workers from resource-limited setting with resources to enhance the care of paediatric cancer patients world.

POINTE provides a variety of resources related to educating and training the medical professional:

  • A database of education and training opportunities from many different countries
  • A list of international cancer experts available for consultation
  • A variety of educational documents for patients and providers

Our offerings are updated regularly, so check back often for more resources! 

















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What’s New?

One year nurse training – 3rd My Child Matters Nursing Award

The Sanofi Espoir Foundation, in partnership with the SIOP (International Pediatric Oncology Society), has for the third year launched a call for projects for nurses in pediatric oncology in low- and medium-resource countries. The aim is to reward and stimulate nurses’ initiatives for projects that help fight against childhood cancer in the three areas of […]

2 week nurse training, University of Applied Science Utrecht, Netherlands

This Paediatric Oncology Nursing course offers you the opportunity to collaborate with nursing students and teachers from different countries. This course combines nursing practice and science in paediatric oncology with a focus on integrated care.

12th St Jude-Viva Forum in Pediatric Oncology 2018 – Singapore

This 2 day conference in March 2018 is for all healthcare workers. VIVA Foundation is a Singapore-based charity foundation with the mission of saving the lives of more children with cancer through improving research, medical care & education.

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