This page provides links, information and published papers regarding COVID-19 and paediatric oncology, with a focus on low and middle income countries.


New: “Pediatric Oncology Nursing during COVID-19”

The updated factsheets contains information for paediatric oncology nurses about COVID-19 including:

  • How Does COVID-19 Affect Children with Cancer?
  • What Are the Recommendations for Staffing?
  • How Can I Protect My Patients?
  • What Are the Recommendations for Chemotherapy Administration?
  • Where Can I Get More Information?

The factsheet is available in six languages:

Click here to download the Arabic version.

Click here to download the Russian version.

Click here to download the French version.

Click here to download the Spanish version.

Click here to download the Portuguese version.

Click here to download the English version.


Caring for Children with Cancer in Africa during the COVID-19 Crisis: Implications and Opportunities 

Here is a brief commentary from Global HOPE Medical Directors from Malawi and Uganda and Dr Jeremy Slone regarding the challenges from COVID but more focused on the potential opportunities that could be leveraged from the unprecedented response to benefit children with cancer and blood disorders in Africa.

Click here to download a PDF of the article.

Open access article – Evolution of the SAMPLAR box: A multipurpose tool to facilitate limited re-use of personal protective equipment in low- and middle-income countries

Click here to download a PDF of the article.


SIOP and St. Jude Global COVID-19 Observatory and Resource Center

SIOP and St. Jude have joined forces to create a global resource center where we can all access the most updated information about COVID-19 and have a community space for engagement to support our programs and collectively create the new knowledge that we will need to build better practices during this trying time.


SIOP COVID-19 Resources & Guidance

This SIOP page provide access to resources and experiences of our colleagues around the world including the option to share your own via a special form.


Published papers on COVID-19

“Early advice on managing children with cancer during the COVID‐19 pandemic and a call for sharing experiences” available on Wiley Paediatric Blood & Cancer


Special Report

“The COVID-19 pandemic: A rapid global response for children with cancer from SIOP, COG, SIOP-E, SIOP-PODC, IPSO, PROS, CCI, and St Jude Global.”

This Special Report aims to summarize general principles for continuing multidisciplinary care
during the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic. With contributions from the leadership of the
International Society for Pediatric Oncology (SIOP), Children’s Oncology Group (COG), St Jude
Global program, and Childhood Cancer International. Click here to download.