Fun Run and Strava

SIOP Congress fun runs

At each SIOP congress there is a fun run. All abilities are welcome, there are some fast runners but it is a fun event and all abilities are welcome. Many people come along and walk just because they love getting together.

For the past couple of congresses this event has been virtual with people running at home but all the same time. Hopefully for Barcelona it will be a mix of a run with lots of people attending the Congress in person, and people attending from home. Watch this space for more details. The virtual fun run will also be added as an event on Strava.

In addition to the fun run there will be SIOP members out running every morning of the congress – all abilities welcome.

SIOP group on Strava

There is also a SIOP group on Strava. You can connect with and follow fellow runners, cyclists, skiers, swimmers, kayakers, walkers etc that support SIOP.