Treating children with cancer in Iraq

Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG) Global Health Network – Iraq

Many CCLG members are a part of the Global Health group (formerly Paediatric Oncology in Developing Countries -PODC).

The group supports individual trainees, junior doctor training and nurse training, as well as various projects in developing countries. Members of the group also have links with individual projects in various countries, including Pakistan, Malawi,  Nepal and Iraq.  – this page hasn’t been updated for a while but this group is doing a lot of great work in a lot of different  locations.

Current situation in Iraq

In the West and in developed countries, around 80% of childhood cancers can be cured. But in Iraq it is nearer to 40%.

Our aim is to increase the survival rate for children with cancer in Iraq and to give them the best available treatment.

Wars and sanctions in the last 4 decades have had a bad toll on the country’s infrastructure. Healthcare has deteriorated due to neglect and, because of the lack of essential medical supplies, equipment, and proper training, the patients have little chance of getting the treatment and care they need. Despite the struggles, the Iraqi paediatric oncologists always do the best they possibly can to give the best care to treat their patients.

Our aim

Our aim is to increase the survival rate for children with cancer in Iraq and to give them the best available treatment by:

  1. Providing support to diagnose difficult cases
  2. Providing treatment advice from world class experts
  3. Organising nurses, oncologists, pathologists, nutritionists and other specialist training
  4. Providing information leaflets and posters to raise awareness in the public and medical world about childhood cancers and how to spot the symptoms earlier
  5. Buying essential medical equipment, patient room necessities, hand sanitisers and more
  6. Funding the transport of patient samples to specialist diagnostic laboratories in the West

Get involved or want to know more?

We are  looking for people to support this project by providing clinical expertise advice (multi-disciplinary).

If you would like to know more or get involved please do not hesitate to email Reem Al-Saadi <>

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