Late Effects Surveillance System (LESS) Study Scan

We want to welcome you to read this publication released by the Late Effects Surveillance System study group. Even though the world faces hard times during the last months we can’t ignore still existing problems beside coronavirus. One of these issues are late effects after childhood cancer. Numbers of publications in this field have increased from year to year. That’s why we decided to publish this newsletter from now on as quarterly magazine. It contains abstracts from current publications about late effects after childhood cancer. Those who want to read more details, can use links on the same page to get to full text page. We think to provide all professions who are involved in care of childhood cancer patients (the future survivors), childhood cancer survivors, and everyone who is interested in this subject with this magazine an helpful tool.

Authors: Christian Müller, Prof. Dr. med. Thorsten Langer et al

New: LESS Study Scan Vol 5 Spring 2022

LESS Study Scan Vol 4 Winter 2021

LESS Study Scan Vol 3 Autumn 2021

LESS Study Scan Vol 2 Spring 2021

LESS Study Scan Vol 1 Winter 2021


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