How not to miss a pediatric brain tumor! – Educational video

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Dear friends and colleagues around the world,

Please find below, clickable links to our animation video in 6 languages on how not to miss a pediatric brain tumor.

This video can save lives!

Please distribute it to as many of your colleagues as possible, including Pediatricians and Pediatric Neurologists.

Let’s save lives together by preventing delay in diagnosis of Pediatric Brain tumors.

How Not to Miss a Pediatric Brain Tumor (ENGLISH)

Ранняя диагностика опухоли головного мозга у детей (RUSSIAN)

怎样避免漏诊小儿脑肿瘤 (CHINESE)

זיהוי מוקדם של גידולי מוח בילדים (HEBREW)

كيف لا نخفق في معرفة ما ان كان هناك ورم في الراس لدى الأطفال (ARABIC)

Cómo no pasar por alto un tumor cerebral infantile (SPANISH)

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