Adapted Treatment Protocols


These adapted protocols were produced by the International Society for Pediatric Oncology for use in low-income and middle-income countries.  They were designed to accommodate the complexities of practicing in resource-limited settings without sacrificing patient outcomes.

Protocol TopicLinkFirst AuthorDate Published
Burkitt LymphomaClick to downloadPeter Hesseling, MD, PhD28 November 2012
Kaposi SarcomaClick to downloadElizabeth Molyneux, FRCPCH19 December 2012
MedulloblastomaClick to downloadJeannette Parkes, MBBCh21 November 2014
NeuroblastomaClick to downloadNehal S. Parikh, MD21 March 2015
Nutritional TherapyClick to downloadElena J. Ladas, PhD, RD15 April 2016
RetinoblastomaClick to downloadGuillermo Chantada, MD17 January 2013
Supportive CareClick to downloadTrijn Israels, MD, PhD25 February 2013
Wilms TumorClick to downloadTrijn Israels, MD, PhD26 September 2012
Framework for Developing Adapted Protocols Click to downloadScott Howard, MDDecember 2017

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