The POINTE Training Database

POINTE has compiled information about training courses in paediatric oncology clinical medicine or research for health care workers from resource-limited locations.

Do you know of a training program not listed in the database?

If you have an appropriate training opportunity that you would like added to the POINTE Training Database click here to download the POINTE Training Submission form. Please fill in all the fields and email it to We will then add the training program and notify you.

Latest training opportunities

See What’s New for information on training courses that have recently been added to this program.

Terms of use of the POINTE Training Database

Inclusion in this repository should not be considered an endorsement by POINTE or any other organization or individual. POINTE’s goal is only to raise awareness and not to evaluate nor endorse programs or materials. We strongly urge health care workers interested in these programs to do their own due diligence and research these opportunities for themselves. Where possible, we have provided contact information or web addresses to facilitate further exploration. The cost of some of these courses may or may not be covered by the sponsoring institution, so please discuss this with the organizers.

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