Twinning Programs

Twinning Programs

Twinning guidelines

New: The SIOP PODC Twinning, Collaboration and Support Working Group are pleased to launch the Twinning Guidelines document. Document version 1.1 with updated references.

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This document is intended as a resource for physicians, nurses, administrators and hospital and departmental leadership interested in initiating paediatric oncology twinning partnerships between high-income country institutions and low- or middle- income country institutions. In addition, it is intended to be useful to those already participating in such twinning partnerships.

Twinning programs

Here you can find a map of the twinning programs around the world.  Twinning programs are partnerships between hospitals and universities in resource-rich countries with institutions in resource-poor areas.  The map is maintained by the SIOP PODC Twinning, Collaboration and Support Working Group.  Do you know of a program that is not listed on the map? Contact us.

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