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This page contains links to educational and training videos for healthcare professionals and parents treating children with cancer in low resource settings.


Safe handling of hazardous medicines at home

We are excited to share the availability of teaching videos on safe handling of ​hazardous medicines at home that are available on YouTube for patients/families.

The videos are divided into segments as per table below based on the dosage form and how the medication would be prepared and administered. There is also a separate section for preparation and clean up.

Therefore, you can direct families to the appropriate links as needed.

Each video will have an accompanying printable pamphlet that will also be available on the AboutKidsHealth (AKH) website which will replace our previous pamphlets. We were also able to have these pamphlets available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Simplified Chinese.

Pharmacists will provide these to families prior to or when providing education on safe handling.

Please feel free to share with families and other care providers.

We would like to thank GFCC Clinical Advisory Council that approved our application and funded this project and to AKH for the production of the videos and translation of the family med aids and the pharmacy team who supported this initiative.




Family Med Aid

A: Giving whole tablets or capsules

A1:  Capsule swallowed
A2:  Tablet swallowed (​dose is full tablet)
B. Giving cut tablets

Child can swallow tablet; dose requires tablet splitting.
C. Preparing whole tablets as a liquid

Child can’t swallow tablet ; dose does NOT require tablet splitting.
D. Cutting and preparing tablets as a liquid

Child can’t swallow tablet AND dose requires tablet splitting.
E. Mixing capsules with liquid or food

Child can’t swallow capsule AND dose is full capsule
F. Giving capsule as a solution

Child can’t swallow capsule ​AND ​dissolve and dose device used to prepare solution and/or partial capsule dose.
G. Giving injectable medicine by mouth

Injectable formulation given by mouth.
H. Set up and Clean up

This information is included in all the other videos/documents, but this standalone information can be used as a review.